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Doing this ISchats thing. Don't have a real job.


10:47The Awful Clips I Cut From My Cristiano Ronaldo Interviews
13:09FORFEIT Packs vs W2S | Fifa 21
FORFEIT Packs vs W2S | Fifa 21Áhorf 1,1 m.8 dögum síðan
17:47Scoring 1 INCREDIBLE Goal on Every Fifa from 98-21
20:18£10 vs. £1000 Christmas Present Roulette
£10 vs. £1000 Christmas Present RouletteÁhorf 2,3 m.2 mánuðum síðan
5:44Recreating Spurs v Arsenal Match Day in 2020
Recreating Spurs v Arsenal Match Day in 2020Áhorf 666 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
8:46Is This The Greatest Free Kick Of All Time?
Is This The Greatest Free Kick Of All Time?Áhorf 704 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
9:11Scoring 1 Goal Like The Greatest Players Ever
Scoring 1 Goal Like The Greatest Players EverÁhorf 986 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
15:49I Dm’d 100 Girls as a Professional Footballer
I Dm’d 100 Girls as a Professional FootballerÁhorf 1,7 m.3 mánuðum síðan
18:48Best Joke Wins £10,000 ft. Jack Whitehall
Best Joke Wins £10,000 ft. Jack WhitehallÁhorf 1,3 m.3 mánuðum síðan
12:11Paintball One Touch One Bounce
Paintball One Touch One BounceÁhorf 613 þ.4 mánuðum síðan
16:30Scoring a Goal on Every PES from 1 to 2021
Scoring a Goal on Every PES from 1 to 2021Áhorf 1,5 m.4 mánuðum síðan
16:09Ranking the Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time
Ranking the Top 10 YouTube Videos of All TimeÁhorf 1,9 m.4 mánuðum síðan
25:00£50 vs. £1,000 House Party (Lockdown Edition)
£50 vs. £1,000 House Party (Lockdown Edition)Áhorf 3,2 m.5 mánuðum síðan
18:01I Exercised For 24 Hours Straight
I Exercised For 24 Hours StraightÁhorf 1,2 m.5 mánuðum síðan
23:47£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway
£10 vs. £1,000 TakeawayÁhorf 7 m.7 mánuðum síðan
23:55Scoring 1 UNBELIEVABLE Goal on Every Fifa from 10-20
19:42My Cat and I Fooled the World
My Cat and I Fooled the WorldÁhorf 4,2 m.9 mánuðum síðan
16:29I Trained for 3 Months to Run as Fast as Kylian Mbappé
19:00I Opened 1 INSANE Pack on Every Fifa from 15-20
I Opened 1 INSANE Pack on Every Fifa from 15-20Áhorf 4,3 m.9 mánuðum síðan
10:13The 5 Seconds That Ended This Man’s Career
The 5 Seconds That Ended This Man’s CareerÁhorf 2,1 m.10 mánuðum síðan
13:30These Challenges Will Cure Your Isolation Boredom
These Challenges Will Cure Your Isolation BoredomÁhorf 1,1 m.11 mánuðum síðan
31:21I Learned 24 New Skills in 24 Hours
I Learned 24 New Skills in 24 HoursÁhorf 2 m.11 mánuðum síðan
16:29$10,000 vs. $100 Football Tickets ft. Sidemen
$10,000 vs. $100 Football Tickets ft. SidemenÁhorf 3,5 m.11 mánuðum síðan


  • I'm gonna make him look like David de gea 2 years ago😂😂

  • You guys are getting matches?

  • 2:46 whites meal ever ( coming from a white person )

  • 6:11 Chris looks like carl from Ben Phillips

  • The broken yogurt preauricularly move because tiger sicily pull outside a waggish anteater. ill-informed, living cent

  • My fav team getting attention Rangers fc 5:52

  • POV: This just got recommended to u and you pressed on it because of nostalgia

  • when you tubers are better than professionals.....

  • i saw a les paul in the thumbnail

  • I love how fair they are- like they give them a nice handshake and all that. I mean it seems there mates 😂

  • The height difference at 6:26 😬

  • I'm mean u have hit the crown 13m views wow lol

  • We all love u chris

  • Well bruno scored against Southampton you twat

  • they should do this but in f4 cars

  • Vid idea, you've tried mbappe, but now try and Sprint faster adama traore

  • next, adama traore???

  • 10:16 lol

  • 8:11 gets me😂😂😂😂


  • Chrismd: hits 1 million subscribers Also chris: doesn't make a nerf wars 5 Everyone: sad pikachu face

  • Harry’s knuckle ball 11:05 jeeezzz

  • No one: Chris and Harry: It's an walk out!

  • They Should Of Have Put In The ‘WHY U COMIN FAST’

  • The boys forgot heskey time

  • This is the best video ever LMAoo

  • that bolls are not from the netherlands


  • Imagine the clean up

  • For every diss he gives 2 compliments

  • Thsi was not Chris 7yrs ago.... dany

  • Stop being tight and give max his PS5

  • whats the song at 17:40 ?

  • Well in mate, what exercises in particular are best for abs?

  • When you go to bed on Saturday night and dream of scoring one like that at ur game the next morning 😂

  • What a screamer mate!! The way in knuckles back out is exactly like CR7! 👏👏

  • no one talked about the the white cloathed guy at 5:21 till 5:31 he shet hes pants

  • Great vid mate, like to see a few more Ruben Neves goals in there but still 😂 Wolves aye we 🐺🐺

  • Harry is like a demon 😂😂😂

  • why did u guys forget 18:17 he was a funny guy

  • 8.34

  • your best youtuber ever

  • Chris spends more time styling his hair then making this vid

  • when you know you could do ctrl+z me: -_-

  • on my insta my photots are not edited LOL

  • I hated my work experience

  • Ay why does stephen have a norway shirt 🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • After seeing the dude hit with a mitre I remembered getting it with one in the stomach and not being able to get up for about 5 minutes

  • Anyone know the music at 09:15? thanks

  • If Chris can do any of these shots, I'll be surprised

  • H


  • My secondary school was next to the Brazilian training pitch in South Africa and they kicked a ball over so I got one for free

  • The disappointment in his dad's voice at 5:04 when he gets tackled by a lass

  • This is the one that rules them all🔥🔥🔥

  • only og's would know he used a fifa song

  • Chris going for Messi because he hopes one day Messi will have nothing to do on a Tuesday night and will be so astounded by the sucking up that he will give Chris some of his growth hormones and Chris will finally grow to be 3ft

  • Well...

  • Nobody noticed Theo in the thumbnail......

  • cute how you where blushing the entire time

  • It kills me that Harry got the Valenciennes FC club's logo, because it's a really poor and bad team in French Ligue 1 history lmao, like they're in Ligue 2 but they were really trash

  • The first one scored an own goal on the volley i'f you see it's the Blue tea

  • me:2021 will get better Chris:my cat isn't meownuel neuer

  • This didn’t age well

  • Chris when he misses be like Chris: uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh


  • can we just appreciate the fact that chris said '' the gap in your teeth was bigger than your future'' and has less views and subs then harry

  • Hzhxhshx

  • fucking hell

  • Biggest mistake with Pele ... wtf

  • Fake... Look at the Badge of the pack when the pack opens. Actually its not even his club

  • why do i fell this is scripted

  • Who’s watching 4 years later

  • I love your videos

  • Anyone for 2021?

  • If you get the blue flare then look at the side of the tunnel and if it’s a team of the year there should be a pattern

  • Chris looks about 10 years older with facial hair. People might finally believe he is in his 20s

  • the piece of paper bit haha

  • Outside of the foot man spice it up

  • 4:44 What we are all here for