I Trained for 3 Months to Run as Fast as Kylian Mbappé

Birt 8 maí 2020
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I trained for 2 months in 2018 and April of 2020 to see if I could run as fast as Kylian Mbappe. Could have titled it “2 Years” instead of “3 months” so as a reward for me refraining from thirsting for views, the least you could do is share this video with every person you’ve ever met.
Information sources:
Muscles to train to get faster - medium.com/@SandCResearch/should-we-ever-program-heavy-strength-training-for-sprinting-352a6917c925
Warm up routine - www.scienceforsport.com/warm-ups/?fbclid=IwAR1kklabdzNjspVFBXXxrFpfYB_2iasq3RrKVvAQXmSauuGapHW08ZcW7zg

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0:00, 2:42, 7:06, 8:34 | Catiso - Zanobi
00:57, 2:18, 3:48, 9:20 | (Audiomachine) Paul Dinletir - Next Man Up
1:18, 5:37 | Strlght - Clutch
3:21 | Aero Chord - Resistance
4:36 | (Audiomachine) Paul Dinletir - Back in Town
5:59 | Katnip - Stupid as You (Instrumental Version)
8:02 | Kings and Creatures - As The Empire Falls
10:19 | Danny Cocke - The Quickening
10:19 | ASVR - Air ischats.info/fun/gpOghYqjaGGii54/v-deo
11:55 | Position Music - Dark Walk
13:04 | (Audiomachine) Piotr Adam Musial - Festival of Light
14:27 | Aero Chord - Drop It
14:37 | Arc North - Lost Time ischats.info/fun/qsinpGOjmnyKq5A/v-deo

Music by Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com) & others.


  • next, adama traore???

  • 8.34

  • I know it may not seem a lot of improvement, but it is. Now, think if you did this for 3 years, and then 6 years, you are going to be really fast and near to Mbappe. Mbappe has done the same, he has trained for years to be this fast, and now here he is, one of the best in the world.

  • Hey Chris I am a grounds man

  • I got 62 meters in 8.22

  • Your Face like Daniel James

  • Came back to this video and thought why not try it, got 8.4 seconds with terrible technique but I cba to go through all of Chris’s workouts cause I think I’ll take that already

  • this video turned into a science class

  • I just finished I got 8:72

  • I got seven point 59

  • i beat him

  • It only took me a week to be as fast as him. I easily ran 100 meters in 11.00 seconds

  • mbappe even had obstacles to run throug

  • I think with all That muscle training he become closer to shaqiri then mbappe but great vedio

  • I did it in 7.63 seconds

  • What a video! Guys check me out, i said Arsenal 1000 times its more funny than it sounds trust me!

  • Wow this just gives me a massive appreciation for the speed of athletes which aren’t specifically runners

  • I tried this and my fastest was 8.67 seconds

  • My best time doing this is 7.6 seconds

  • Your legs are too short. You need bbc genetics

  • You need to be black

  • i did this and got 8.2

  • hi

  • real ones know all about the ramp warm up Chris is on about

  • Does someone realise how funny he run he looks like a MIGET

  • no workout

  • i ran 8 seconds and 12 miliseconds

  • The outgoing chalk partially appreciate because explanation isely satisfy out a quarrelsome cardboard. crooked, curvy burglar

  • 3:57 you hafta be thanful that you got a soccerfield that u can use whenever you want to, doesn't matter if it's good or bad. i dont have a soccer field like this

  • try to beat the haaland sprint vs psg

  • Dont Try to race Mbappé he can run in 23,7MPH or more so

  • lmao he thinks he plays like a pro but he is shit i want him to play with a pro defender then we will see

  • 8:01 he be acting sus

  • 8.23 seconds

    • I got 8.23 seconds and I’m 13

  • He did not run just like u,he stop his sprint and sprint again because of the defenders

  • i have one word. Adrenaline. thats what would have made him go so fast

  • 1:14

  • 1.14

  • my 100m is 12.5

  • Really good training Chris hopefully you can get a better time.

  • He’s the best at football so he should be In champions league

  • He is is probley the fast est in the comp so he should be in the premerleg so he would be the fastest I. The compettishon so he I’d the best

  • A 0.7 second improvement on a short sprint is actually very significant

  • I got a 6.96s

  • “Gluteus-Maximus”😂💀 I’m a legit kid Bc I am

  • you can never be close to mbappe ... you are white!

  • I ran it 70m in 7.2 se

  • Good job keep up gooners😍

  • The dedication on this video is insane keep it up

  • Hoo noticed the cat lying in d background

  • Bruh you didnt make it🤪

  • 13:57 - 14:03 I have no idea what he is saying!

  • mbappe out there trying to beat usain bolt

  • Ill try the same rn im at like 9 seconds

  • Don't give up bro 💪 they will all laugh at you in the beginning

  • 5:55 what happened to wb correction?

  • I try it and I got 8.10s most

  • Thing is, you started with 0 velocity, whereas Mbappe had some velocity at the start

  • 10:03

  • I run 10 meter in 1 sekund

  • You can't this guy woow

  • It’s my birthday on April 30

  • I love how in the 10m sprints his foot off the start went back every time 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Chris I see what you mean about how hard it is my PB for it is 8.79

  • Am I fast , I can run a football pitch in about 9-10 seconds with a football

  • A lot of speed comes from ur dna u can't do anything if that would have been the case everyone would train and get the speed of mbappe

  • You weren't commitmed to this so you couldn't get near his speed

  • I'm French

  • This is why Chris has the best videos. He puts so much time and effort into it

  • 9:56 that's the way that Chris rocks it's the R.U.N.Sorry Chris but your doing the wap dance.

  • I dont know but i like adama traore

  • lets take a minute what are u hiding from the cops chris

  • I agree with Chris: Jump squats are death (especially when you have to slap your thighs)

  • I just have to say how much i love your channel keep up the good work. I have subscribed on every google account that I have

  • Your first sprint is in my birthday 👻

  • 6:15

  • In fairness this was over before it began, wiping 2 seconds off a short sprint by someone who is already in shape and knows how to run is basically impossible.

  • His ankle operation gives him a massive excuse

  • 😆try hard bro u will definitely get success

  • I got 7.51 and then I cried bec I could not beat it

  • Sry Chris imma kid and I can do 65 metres in 8 seconds😂 practiced it at football training.

  • I ran it in 8.34 seconds

  • Should have done RPR

  • I did it in 7.93 😅

  • Wtf 62m in 7.5s I got 60m in 6.5 yo I’m close yknow

  • This was awesome. One quick thing is that Mbappe takes really short kicks of the ball whereas you're hoofing it to give yourself space. I wonder if you emulated his shorter distance kicks if you could shave even more time off!

  • I reckon if you carried on another 3 months, increased the weights you used to generate force, worked a little more on your technique you'd be sub 9s easily. .7 is solid mate. good job.

  • I’m wondering if he could do it without the ball?

  • The only poor technique I saw were the swings, you only raise the kettlebell up to the torso (any higher it move the work to the arms) and you push the hips back as far as you can on the way down, a little bit of knee flexion is okay.

  • hE wAsN't wEaRIng vAPors oR sUpeRfLy's

  • 82 pace

  • ischats.info/fun/hZqamHmIkqWBmK4/v-deo h

  • Sv2 is better than you

  • #AFTV

  • Try this again but this time try not to slide your plant foot back on the first step

  • The first day he started the challenge it was my birthday

  • the next Mourihno

  • that fake jordan tee really got me hhhhhh

  • Mbappe ran faster than that last year

  • you gotta respect chris cuz hes spendin his poundz to do this challenge so hes basically trying to get his sprint faster just for a vid so u need to respect i liked the vid and the charity match he will be soooo fast cuz jj got 1mill likes!!!!!!!! like the fucking video u ass