Is This The Greatest Free Kick Of All Time?

Birt 30 nóv 2020
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  • i miss when Chris was editing his videos

  • ummmm £36 per displate that’s such a scam

  • I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • We need more of this where’s are one u didn’t realise one in January make it up react to one in February

  • Please do these types of videos. they are absolutely fantastic

  • I laughed so hard when he said “how is this man on the pitch”😂😂😭😭 poor kid😂😂😂😂

  • We had xacka when he was 4 and when he was 12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I was listening to let it grow as I was watching the video

  • CHRIStiano Ronaldo at the uploads again

  • 3:10, chris: shall I bring these lads on for a freekick challenge,

  • Hi I’m new to the channel

  • 2:52 that pitch is only up the road from me

  • the start was beautiful

  • It was Jamie vardy not Marco van Basten

  • Thanks for the series Chris I die with laughter every time

  • 7:53 Will takes over commentary

  • Hey now, you leave the multi sport pitches alone alright. (Granted as a baseball player I despise turf fields) However most highschools just have one giant pitch that ends up being the size (or marginally larger as a whole) then an American football pitch. Thus you get American Football (the money maker of most schools) Football and lacrosse tend to be played on most fields like that (almost every school at least where I went growing up and the general region try to have the baseball field separate) --- However end of the day turf is pricey to put in, but the lack of maintenance required to just play sport after sport after sport on it more than makes up for that.

  • 4.43 my old secondary school. The Howard in Rainham Kent

  • okay as an american im going to explain the reason american fields look like they do: those fields are on american football fields for high school/middle schools so and some schools arent fortunate to have a separate field for soccer and football, so they use the same field, and also for other sports like lacrosse and baseball ps - high school soccer is usually played in the spring if most schools in the area have to do that rather than play the fall since football is bigger than soccer in the us

  • 7:56 also me : flashbacks to the halfway line over head kick

  • 6:38 he got the ball!!! Btw nice rugby tackle

  • Can you come back to fifa 21 for the toty

  • 4:01 was mardona

  • 1:55. Charlie fouled me

  • I actually have a few displates... they're awesome

  • The second match was actually a professional woman’s match

  • 2:45

  • Why did I just get an ad saying that “staying in schoolis a big dub and hitler is a number 2 doo doo” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I CANT-

  • 😂 I live in Romford

  • Why did Chris's voice at the end of the video sound like he was 6 years younger than he is

  • 2:40 i only came here for that🤣

  • 2:42 northern Irish match

  • i see this video in 2021, 1 year later ...😂✌👌🏻

  • 1.40min, finally i learned the inspiration to fifa 21, and now i know that fifa 21 was made looking into those soccer games!!

  • Bought two displates cuss of this sponsor

  • 6:15 bUtTEr FInGERs

  • 1:40 bUt WE dESeRvE EQuaL PaY

  • 6:17 I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Every purchase=1 tree plant Mr beast: Here's 1000000000$ and this random website with trees involved!!!!

  • The best won was the overhead kick to overhead kick

  • I missed this series so much

  • 0:45 Who the fudge is Carlos roberto?

    • 😑

    • Oh sorry didn’t know he was a real player

    • Wow u guys believed him it’s roberto carlos

    • Carlos Alberto * Is a right back Brazilian Legend.

  • 2:00 Sergio Ramos

  • 3:35 Vardy. 4:46 Courtois Penalty against Arsenal in the Community Shield

  • Got a displate for Christmas loving it 👍

  • yo, let's bring these back, they're banging

  • 6:50 I’m the guy in the goal

  • And now we can see sergio Ramos in the making 1:58

  • "Ooh charlie😂😂"


  • .

  • Stopped watching ChrisMD for 3 years, luckily I only missed 2 vids

  • Did anyone else die at 4:03

  • 6:13 the team in White with black stripes is the club i'm playing for! Proud to be playing in the big leagues now

  • "Pickford?" LOL

  • He says it will not be a lack of content but you can see that first of all he is not amused, second of all this is horrible soccer, and third of all it is only a 8 minute video. I used to love watching these but know it is just something that I will watch if no one else has uploaded a video and theses videos make me so bored. You smashed it again with your rubbish Chris. Even harry has better content than you.

  • Why is the hashtag #ad

  • Yes,he is back.

  • How does Chris only have 5mil he should have at least 20mil

  • Your the goat

  • Nice

  • Chris after covid can i fly to Jersey and play in goal for one of your videos i am 13 but i would clas myself as alright

  • 4:21 scott sterling studio c

  • Pickford?😂😂

  • And people wonder why female footballers get paid less after that first clip

  • Song at 5:56?

  • Every fall I play for a recreation team, and this year it was a highschool 7v7 (am used to playing 11v11 on way bigger fields so this was something new to me). I usually always have the same teammates which I like since we work very well together. We were the youngest team out there and we beat every single team except for one (nothing but seniors), and man did we have some epic moments... 1. A defender gets an assist off of a goal kick: teammate takes the goal kick, opposing defender turns to basically punt the ball back down to our end and misses. I'm the only one forward (I'm a striker so it's usually like that with only 7 players on the field), and the ball is bouncing just outside of the left of what would be the 18 yard box (in this case its pretty much a 6 yard box). My only option is to take it first time on a half volley, and I end up smashing past the keeper in the top right corner. Both teams (including me) absolutely stunned 2. A teammate of mine is our designated corner kick taker, and in a very crucial moment he does some Thierry Henry stuff and scores off the corner. Absolutely mental 3. In our final match of the season, its tied 3-3 in the last few minutes. My back was hurting from scoring all 3 goals from our team. We have like 4 corners in quick succession. On the third one we completely mess up and it looks like the game will end in a draw. But no. A teammate has a quick fire shot and we get one last chance with one corner. My "Thierry Henry" teammate takes the corner and I somehow manage to place it in the bottom right corner with my head. Ref immediately blows whistle afterwards. The scenes were crazy Sadly we only had 10 games but our record ended up being 7-3. But for being the youngest team (1 sophomore and the rest of us were freshman) we destroyed some teams out there. Our team's total goal count for 10 games was 51... with me scoring 25. I'm American btw, and man I love football. And no I kinda hate calling it soccer since that's not the original name

  • R u dead sorry but u haven’t uploaded in nearly 2 weeks

  • He’s really funny.

  • well done on 5mil subs

  • your mum

  • These are my favourite vids to watch

  • Chris is subscribed to morgz. Yeahhhh bye bye

    • wE dEsErVe eQuAl pAy!

    • Just saying 1:45 they want equal pay

  • 7:35 ayyy i go to this school also we share the field with the football team

  • H

  • Hola chis soy de Argentina

  • ”Pickford?”

  • 7:35 ayyy i go to this school also we share the field with the football team

    • Yo I’ve watched you since you had 5 subscribers

  • The old cut utrastructurally deserve because horn orally wail regarding a obsolete beast. tall, shivering comic

  • Where has the fifa ISchats gone Still like to watch these vids as well

  • The old cut utrastructurally deserve because horn orally wail regarding a obsolete beast. tall, shivering comic

  • Hahaha the other day at my game the ref was eating a pie 😂

    • Wtf?

    • Just watched Tottenham v Arsenal #Tottenham fan

  • Bet theirs a thousand comments saying Big willy will wants to do a trade lol

  • looks so cool

  • In my final game for my school I scored a 37 yard free kick. My friends dad was recording everything up until the free kick. My disappoint is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • "That's a penalty shootout aswell, imagine the size of his bollox 😂😂😂

  • Just saying 1:45 they want equal pay



  • 2:53. Massive floating home button. ChrisMD is a fraud sat at PC watching mobile footage. Hmmmmmmmmm

  • Oh Chris. I didn't think lockdown had affected your that much. Having second thoughts...

  • This video is absolute class

  • Yo I’ve watched you since you had 5 subscribers

  • "It's been a while, so no lack of content today." Posts a 9 minute video...

  • Played against that portaferry team at 2.48 and were beating them 8-0 in 18 minutes hahahahhaha

  • Call me To see dedier drogba😂😂😂😂

  • What is the song at 3:30? If anyone knows.

  • Just watched Tottenham v Arsenal #Tottenham fan

    • Displate says it doesn’t deliver to jersey? Any help?

  • That was funny when that guy missed the open goal

  • Still 0-0 but longer

  • Some of these goals are more cancerous than my dead grandad