Scoring a Goal on Every PES from 1 to 2021

Birt 9 okt 2020
After recording this on FIFA, it's been in the sub-par video ideas list for some time
Harry: error 404 not found
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2:48 | Seico - Give me the Beat
9:02 | Daniel Rosty - Apocalypse
9:25 | Kerbside - Too Far
11:09 | Hopex - Bang Dem
11:56 | MoonBeat x OpenWater - Time; dcat12 .
13:13 | Mitchell Broom - Redemption
14:32 | Roy Knox - Earthquake Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:
Music by Epidemic Sound ( & others.


  • im subbing to everyone who subs to me

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  • I like how at the start of pes 2009 they were talking about milk

  • pro evlition soccer 3 me turkey

  • I'm a fan of fifa but pes has f*cking Albanian national team but fifa hasn't 🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Pes is like the worse fifa

  • Wth was Modric doin he looked like he was dying for a piss

  • me seeing this first on my recommended and tricking me into thinking chrismd uploaded 2 days in a row, then remembering that will never, ever happen

  • “It was the sorry sir” for me ,😂😂😂😂😂

  • PES is a legendary company , 2021 games, just insane


  • I own pes 13 still

  • PES 2011 was legendary

  • Anyone know the outro music name?

    • Lamborghini by jeffery epstien

  • 0:03 Looool😂😂

  • pes will only become better than fifa when they have the licensing

  • FIFA is just a junks compared to PES

  • Pes 07?

  • PES2008 is when I left the series. I dont know.. they werent the same anymore in their movements. Im glad it's back in the PS4 gen. PES2020 is my favorite in terms of gameplay by far. 2021 is close but I prefer the pace of 2020

  • Wo anyone realizes the Harry is wearing faze clan merch

  • When a PES 22 comes, ChrisMD = Lets make another video!! 😂😂😂

  • Such a shame because the first pes games are way better than fifa at the time

  • What’s the name of the song on 15:34?

  • 14:13

  • 14:07

  • 14:06

  • 13:52

  • 13:50

  • Sidemen member punts on a faze clan x city hoodie as a Chelsea fan

  • Should be doing every ISS since is the same series as pro evo

  • i love chelsea

  • 14:57-15:00 CHRIS GOT SKINNED

  • Who's the girl?

  • Winning Eleven has always had the best quality #PES for life

  • What oh mein gar Sch

  • i’m from the US and i had PES 4 or “world soccer winning eleven eight international” on the og xbox played tf out of it with my dad and brother lots of memories 🤧

  • Play FIFA from 1 to 2021 your followers from Iraq

  • Hi

  • Girl, I love you, and you know why? Greeting from Croatia, you know now 😄😄🥰

  • Play PES mobile or else

  • PES 2016 is my favorite

  • I can see his toilet in the background lol

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  • SKS

  • I swear PES’s commentary is the greatest commentary i ever heard.

  • I hate chelsea arsanal are better

  • subscribe to w2s

  • chris´s gf is so pretty ngl

  • This dude is just awesome. Lots of love from nepal bro. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Don't lie every body came for pes 21

  • My favourite pros was 5 n 2008 n 2009

  • Wow the pro 1 is bringing back memories

  • scoring from PES 1 AD to 2021 AD very interesting

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  • Harry supports Chelsea but he has a city hoodie

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  • I know that's only related to PES title, but should be good to start from Konami Soccer, then move to Winning Eleven, etc. A Brazilian channel did that and was a way more complete video.

  • Don’t judge me because i like pes more than fifs

    • They are both shit right now. Hopefully, PES 2022 should be good with Unreal Engine 5 and 3 years of development.

    • Fifa

  • me : seeing harry is no longer in the video also me; leaving the video

  • ole...gonna solchavich

  • What is that song the goes thru all the PES’s that goes for 1 second

  • 14:07

  • 14:08

  • Bro this vid is on my birthday lol

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  • 5:09 Chris swearing

  • Harry n chris is a class combo let’s be honest

  • can you give me pes 2009 plssssss

  • song name for transitions?

  • Ggfg

  • 13:33 i swear he said fuckin 2-0

  • I could hear Shannon’s kettle boiling laugh when she pointed out her player moving backwards

  • The smile on Chris’s face at 0:43

  • i started pes in 2010 enjoyed this video bringing back memories of the last decade on pes

  • 14:57 Chris you got absolutely mugged

  • Ole and chris are besties


  • The amount of time you put in to put each game in and wait for it to load earns you mad respect

  • Baa bii boong bong =)

  • 0:18 old inbetweenher moments lol

  • set 8's thinking he's gonna play 2021 games of PES

  • That girl is pennnggggg

  • W2s play chelse shrte man siti??

  • Oh shit I hate pes just fifa

  • anyone know the transition song?

  • Nobody: Harry for no reason whatsoever : Jersey Cows are disgraceful beasts

  • The thing is Chris a legend yt'er Cause he has the console for each game

  • 16:02 is that 442oons voice? ahaha

  • 14:10 his laugh sounds so different hit puberty

  • When I saw the logo of the video I thought it would be long but it was 16 minutes

  • they skipped pes 7

  • Harry goes for Chelsea: Wears man city faze clan hoodie

  • You forgot about ISS.

  • actually pes 1,2,3,4 were a lot better than that of fifa 1,2,3 or 4

  • Wait people play Pes

  • Lmao harry realy wearing a city hoodie

  • "Olivier's turned you..." "He would turn me to be fair" - underrated joke

  • the best ref of all time... collina.

  • PES 2011 is the best one.