£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway

Birt 25 jún 2020
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  • I’ve watched this 4 times and still cant get over how funny this is

  • this is the best vid of these 4 so far

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  • this is currently the 8th time I've clicked on this video, and this is definitely not the last

  • AA meeting getting booked for Harry XD

  • Harry must be drunk within a week of this video

  • I love these kind of videos

  • Some say Harry still hasn't run out of alcohol to this day

  • This video is sick

  • Why do i always watch this vid


  • pizza#

  • st Pierre du bois in Guernsey hmmm haryy?

  • Extra chips for my starving child 😂😂😂

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  • If you checked out my recent it would mean a lot to me fr, just a small creator with big dreams❤️🌎

    • @MZ 6464 ??????????????????????

    • Respect the hustle but in good thank you

    • 🤮 self promoting 🤮

  • these 4 should put the ultimate back in and be called "The Ultimate Sidemen"

  • Last you till Christmas I can't be the only one who checked it this video was posted on Christmas eve

  • 11:17 the most cartoony fall ever.

  • Ginger

  • Nobody: Chris: A chance to win dah wah way phone

  • Twin pack cornish pasties, blue rizz and a 30g pouch of baccy with a side of 6 eggs 😭

  • Just me who thought the old man was harry with a filter on

  • Right as will says Christopher Dickson it stops at Christopher dicks

  • 5

  • What kind of Norbert's pay £1000 for a takeaway, no ingredient on this planet is worth that.

  • Chris is cheap

  • imagine being one of the 2.5k that disliked

  • Best Cris MD vid to ever be uploaded

  • Can’t lie he violated that sponsorship

  • Master piece

  • I like how my McDonald’s order is less than £10

  • 18:34 Harroldhino in his element

  • Why does Steven when he’s opening the bacci why tf does he sound like Jimmy savile

  • Funniest vid ever

  • I've noticed on these vids with this group you have to watch them more than once to clock everything.

  • Is it just me who has watched this like 10 times

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  • Need more of these

  • This is my favourite video ever

  • This is my favourite video ever

  • wills like that younger brother who’s just encouraging others to misbehave

  • Harry’s a savage

  • 6.9M views. Nice

  • 17:27 JmE

  • Gravy its curry

  • WiTH mE tOrcH OuT.

  • Literally the 1% people who’s reading... I strongly hope your parents live Longer then 100 years with awesome health✅👀💯

  • i didnt actually think that he would actually get naked!!!!!

  • Anyone else notice their all wearing airpods

  • 16:40

  • 4:34 will almost fell of his chair 😂😂

  • 00:16 ginger

  • "My comes with a cancer warning" 🤣

  • Stephan is the best ;)

  • 15:20

  • 14:25

  • ischats.info/fun/l82QmZyZY3-pep4/v-deo

  • 12:13

  • 11:18 I’m dying


  • Like how chris said 'lords mobile quality app' just thinking BRAND DEALS,BRAND DEALS

  • free fire was my shit 3yrs ago

  • ischats.info/fun/ittrlZRnpZ2Vm5A/v-deo

  • Harry’s dad must be fummiiinnnggg

  • Daily upload?

  • So W2S is a Millionaire and used to live in a Multi Million Pound Mansion, then moved to a rented London Apartment that was about £12k a month. So why is the Muppet, back living with his mum? Hahaha

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  • I like how Will is in a ripoff of the eboys vid

  • m.ischats.info/title/VKZsS08ywltuuIP5dv1T_w.html

  • ischats.info/fun/oLSudZeZnZidgG8/v-deo

  • I thought will looked the prettiest in the girl pictures

  • Best video ever

  • Content

  • Chris looks like Sid the sloth

  • 5:13 what is will doing 😳

  • You gotta love stephan

  • chris acc acts like downing gravy is challenging when harry downs a whole bottle of wine on a thursday

  • But for real how can you dislike this video

  • Shake my hand, im Harry Rotershore I WANT CONTACT DELIVERY

  • This was uploaded on my birthday

  • Harry is so bad at chugging drinks , cant even do a bottle of wine

  • Best video 💝

  • Will has the same doorbell as my next door neighbour

  • I wonder if Harry’s drank it by now

  • We need a part two of this but a revenge one where Harry and will have to spend the grand it’s what the people want 😂

  • Lads we don’t talk about Chris using a fork to eat gravy

  • When Chris said gravy as a lover of curry I had a stroke

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  • Harry is going to die of alcohol poissaning

  • Why no potatoes

  • "Extra cheese for my hungry child please"

  • 20:58Harry looked like Arthur Morgan from rdr2 when he had tb

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  • 12:12 😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 11:18 😂😭😭😭

  • Make a fifa 21 series

  • Harry’s and stephens meal were the same except Harry just had £950 of alcohol to go with