I Became the Healthiest Human Being in the World for 1 Week

Birt 7 júl 2020
A video packed with health tips, life advice and mild nudity send help I’ve forgotten how to wear a t-shirt
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My editor: conFmck
0:00, 3:18, 21:31, 26:29 | Alex Dovo - The Wait
0:50, 7:45, 10:41, 16:17, 17:32 | Vince Yara - Damage
1:42, 8:12, 11:40, 14:04, 15:32, 17:01, 20:37, 23:41, 26:09 | The Eastern Plain - In and Out of Love (Tigerblood Jewel Remix)
2:05, 8:40, 24:06 | Matt Large - Speak EZ
2:57, 13:32 | Lvly - Messed it up
3:10 | Catiso - Zanobi
4:14, 14:44 | Killrude - Hope Never Falls
4:53, 7:24, 9:04, 22:46 | Shiver Disk - Chase Me
6:36, 13:13, 21:57 | Quarter Roll - Mineral
9:49, 19:33 | Magnus x Unread - Cool
10:16 | Strlght - Clutch
12:07 | Clarx & Harddope - Castle
12:46 |Blaeker - Pushing Rewind
17:56 | Spasher! - Dollar Needles
18:49 | Tape Machines - Riversides
19:53 | Killrude - Flip It
23:24 | LED Monster - Good To You (Instrumental Version)
Music by Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com) & others.


  • 2:46 whites meal ever ( coming from a white person )

  • The bottle of lotion on his desk 😳

  • guernsey is such a nice place

  • Me hear sitting here in lock down eating a full cake then finding out my six pack disappeared

  • Lordi Won the Eurovision in 2006

  • Who else unsubscribed when they found out Chris had sugar in his tea

  • A man from an island called “Jersey” calling something tasteless... wow that must have been a new low

  • The only difference in the thumbnail is his haircut 😂

  • Bruhhh I'm getting McDonald's adds

  • U

  • I'm 12 I

  • Cool video

  • I love this

  • How is it to hot it is 27 degrees and tomorrow I have to train in 41 degree heat

  • bro ur toes

  • Who’s watching in 2021

  • Hey Chris, I have no idea if you'll continue surfing but if you do you should make sure you're on your board and paddling before the wave hits and then get up just as you get a boost from the wave. keep up the good content - i love how you put so much effort into your videos :)

  • On the thumbnail the one that says 80 years is a good body compared to mine wait I mean an amazing body

  • Jesus Christ Chris, are you training to become a biology teacher?

  • ChrisMD😇

  • I will be your friend if you want?

  • Since when is dairy part of a healthy nutrition?

  • Me watching this and then getting a McDonald’s cheeseburger right after

  • Weird flex but ok

  • 0:58 5’ 11 Chris ?

  • Do a .b Chris

  • I have type 1 diabetes lol

  • Sometimes i sleep for 4 hours and other times i sleep for a hole day like yesterday i went to sleep at 7am and woke up at 6am today

  • The difference between the two yous in the thumbnail is a smile..

  • yout awsome man keep up the good work u will become the next messi

  • Hmmm 5”11? Chris?

  • Hi

  • There are actually great benefits to cutting dairy out of your diet as much as possible so interesting to see that the plan you're working off is using so much

  • mate if ur that good at fortnite upload a vid

  • Is Chris ok, he keeps on talking about treating bad mental health

  • Just take bath , you will feel like the most healthiest person in the world fresh af

  • The subtle things in Chris’ channel like him changing his height from 5 11 to 5 6 is what makes him the best youtuber.

  • He explain stuff better than my science teacher

  • Chris should really fix his phone

  • 15:28

  • Lays not walkers, fucking jersey

  • Chris: crying that it is 27.5 degrees Every Australian: Thinking 34 degrees is cold

  • How tall is Chris

  • Bro no diff

  • Chris please try the gregs doucette diet for a week and let's see how that works

  • My sugar intake:decent the ffruits and veg i eat:decent the salt: sh!*

  • Golf is a sport by the way!!

  • Londoners are so proud of CMD. I am watching his video at all time. He is incredible boy and very different than other British man's. I like him really much. One day I am going to London to see him hopefully.

  • Got a like from me just for the MH shirt mate

  • The latest research doesn't recommend any dairy at all - so no need for those gross looking bowls of yogurt and milky tea! www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-eating-plate/

  • Who the hell cares if you live 90 years instead of 80

  • I just love the thumbnail the only change is the hair

  • The thumb nail Him: having his hair slightly down and looking depressed and a little fatter Also him: having his hair slicked back and smiling and sucking up oxygen to look you can see his abs more

  • Every time I decide to treat myself to a unhealthy meal he comes out with one of these vids to put me to shame 😂

  • Me after eating dominoes with lava cake dessert: *oh bad timing*

  • just found out that at 14 I weigh more than ChrisMD, gutted

  • A six-pack is not healthy

  • Chris: it’s 27 degrees and I am not wearing a shirt Me in Australia: it’s 25 degrees so let’s get the jumper

  • this guy: Im the healthiest man in the world covid:hold my beer(trys to enter his body) his body:you got the wrong body fool! covid:ok.. understandable have a nice day next virus: aight imma head out.

  • What’s with the dogs bowl 😂😂😂😂

  • Chris is acting like anti vacc kids will even live long enough to develop diabetes. 5:57

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • This guy's think 27 degrees is Hot ffs I live in Australia and It's 35 degrees daily

  • Wow was there any milk in then cups of tea.? 🤣

  • So ya get ten more years of OLD! No thanks.

  • i literally got an ad in the middle of this video saying exercise is bad for you😂😂😂

  • I'll die 10 years early to eat what I want 😂

  • Chris go a little deeper (to the clean waves ) when surfing it makes you go faster a easer

  • Going all healthy only added 10 years?? Give me a Big Mac!

  • Good video mate. Just a few things, there have been many studies that show that not only the hours of sleep each night are important but also when you sleep is important and it should be regular (similar each night). Also screen time should be kept to minimum especially before bed and eating in front of a screen is unhealthy (messes up digestion).

  • Me dreaming to have a body like chris md before

  • Those nails 🤢🤮

  • 26:40 stealing Shannon's joke are we

  • Mate in Australia we have football training in 35 degree heat

  • I love thinking of how Chris would’ve ran somewhere, put the camera down, then ran backwards to then run across frame only to pick up the camera and repeat the process 30m down the road

  • Me watching this video whilst eating 3 bags of sweets kinder bueno 3 Reece’s cups a sausage roll and thoughts of me killing myself

  • If Chris had a pistol with two bullets...in a room with Hitler, Van Persie and David Luiz.... who's dying

  • How do you style your hair? I know you're probably going to say hairdryer and brush and thats it 😂 but do you use any product, if so what? Bearing in mind I'm English too so we probably use similar hair products. My hair tends to dry and out go wavy, or too oily if I use too little or too much product, im trying to find a way to just have healthier hair thats thicker and more tamed so I can just blow dry my hair after a shower without needing to spend 15 minutes applying product, drying, washing, reapplying, using 5 different combs etc just to achieve the kind of hairstyle you have 🤣

  • Funny how keto is all the rage now, ei high protein ei lots of meat (or subs if you're veggie) and low or NO carb, and yet Mediterraneans swap this and have the highest number of centenarians

  • You should have done an hour of breath work everyday

  • Idk how long i live in the world. 80/90 we don't know ours future. Healthy or UnHealthy it doesn't matter. Stay safe guy's.

  • Stop the cap

  • Good old "too much fruit is dangerous" myth... Isolated fructose is bad for you, it comes with fruit juices. You can eat lots of fruits with no problem, because fruit contains fiber that helps the body digesting it. Nature is perfect, processed food isn't. Simple's that.

  • Me sitting here with no exercise for the entire lockdown Hmm... Interesting...

  • Why are so many Australians saying 27 degrees isn’t hot like any one cares

  • I love pasta

  • One thing to add - could have considered a vegan diet. It does wonders for your mental health to know that you're not contributing to any animal suffering or pain and just generally living a more compassionate life style for the planet and the life on it!

  • That many adds realy

  • So doing your hair for the thumb nail adds 10 years on decent

  • That jeans joke was incredible

  • This man said his yoghurt was tasteless after eating unseasoned chicken earlier in the video

  • the fact meat is horrible for you

    • Easy LEGO tutorials even worse

    • @SFSAFC im mexican but i live in the us

    • Easy LEGO tutorials oh your American, just another reason not to like you

    • @SFSAFC im the fastest in my school best at soccer i havent eaten candy for 8 years and you wonder why

    • bra grass

  • You need to fix that swing

  • Are you sure your last name isn't Traeger? Props to you if you get this joke.

  • Jesus mate, those waves are pathetic, I hope that was a bad day. You need to make your way to the land downunder for some real waves

  • Dose the camera not way a bit too

  • 1:17 what’s his toes 😂😱

  • 27 degrees is dangerous to train in. Me as an Aussie: Has footy and cricket training in 42 degree heat

  • Jj needs to be getting into this kind of shape

  • 14:23 Everyone; 2 slices of bread Chris: 2 sclices of bread