Is This the Best Save the World Has Seen in 50 Years?

Birt 23 feb 2020
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How I record my gameplay!:

0:00 | Ralvero - Mayday (KXA & CRANKDAT Remix)
0:45, 5:25, 8:53 | Hopex - Eternity
1:04 | Kings and Creatures - As The Empire Falls
1:38, 4:30 | Aero Chord - Boundless
2:34 | Hallmore - Saharas
3:40 | Haterade - Custom Track
4:30 | Aero Chord - Resistance
4:50 | FEWZ - Drive; Music provided by Free Songs To Us
5:13, 8:35 | Gioni - Trigger
6:00 | Johannes Bornlof - Mighty Rush 2
6:26 | Lemon Fight - Stronger (feat. Jessica Reynoso) [Champion Remix] NCS Release
6:39, 10:23 | Craig Reever - You Light Me Up
8:14 | Wellmess - I’m a Hurricane
8:17 | Strlght - Flames
9:13 | Marin Hoxha / Chris Linton - Hold Me Back
9:26 | Matrix & Futurebound - Got You There (ft Zelah)

Music by Epidemic Sound ( & others.


  • After seeing the dude hit with a mitre I remembered getting it with one in the stomach and not being able to get up for about 5 minutes

  • Go to 4:32 and put captions


  • 1:06 in fifa 21 that wouldn’t even be an advantage

  • 8:35 at least he just about scored a field goal

  • 11 months after this was posted don’t know if you’ll see this but would be great if you could make more

  • 1:17 He clearly got the ball ref, absolutely no contact with the humans chest whatsoever

  • If you catch Chris’s reaction to then neck and studs clip

  • 5:32 that place is down the road from me

  • Just saying the one with the football trials the crowns were scouts

  • The real question here, is why is that young boy drinking alcohol? Surely that's illegal

  • well done tommo

  • Filmik Chrisa w którym (do tego błędnie xD) uwzględniono Polskę

  • I crossed the ball at 8:18

  • Ive took a mitre to the face

  • dju know wut pissed me off the most my guy said that was polish at 2:14 wut a donut hahahahah

  • Kids it’s apple juice 😉😀

  • 3 seconds it was in the air for

  • That Gk save is better than Banks’

  • 0:43 thought it was an add

  • This was made on my birthday

  • 2:07 that was actually hungarian

  • Thats not polish lol

  • Cris that was not a polish crowd that was a Hungarian crowd

  • I think that keeper in the yellow with blue and purple shorts was me when I started as a keeper

  • 2:03 that wasn’t even that good 😭

  • For the polish crowd only one person was cheering

  • On the university of Chichester the ref is my brother

  • I agree that real football pitches look better, and I’m American! 😄

  • 0:07 Thats the most fancy beer i have ever seen

  • I have had loads of mitres to the legs and had a bruise for like a week and a half

  • Some say the kid hit with the mitre ball hasn’t walked to this day

  • I just watched the Scott Sterling video today and when he saved the free kick with his face and the announcer came on I crapped myself from laughing.

  • The clip at 6:09 is actually from Sweden, i recognize the pitch and the buildings

  • The reason why the British crowds were the quietest is because our countries standards for football are the highest and we are used to it a lot

  • My friend did one like that Gordon banks one.

  • i would rather have karius in goal than most of these goalkeepers

  • This is exactly the same as the one before, it's just inverted screen

  • 4:55 who names a football team red and yellow hahaha

  • 2:07 Hungarian crowd*

  • 1:55

  • Once I was playing football with my dad and he shot into my right groin

  • When your at 5 minut 20 seconds don’t look it to rood.

  • 2:06 Hungarian....

  • 6:14 its from Sweden in a city call Trollhättan and i live there and have play with the team

  • 2:07 it was Hungaryan crowd not Polish

  • Chris: how is the crowd not going wild. Everyone that can read: uk football trials Chris: makes sense now

  • ive bot my beer shows cocktail

  • 8:42 he thought he was playing american football

  • I am better than all of them

  • being a goalie i am fuming that you made a mitre to the thigh win #1 suckd

  • Polish crowd is asweome

  • Finally someone that knows what a half volley is 😤

  • Hi

  • 1:06 I couldn’t breathe

  • Honestly this is one of the most entertaining series on youtube.

  • Once I penenkaed a weak footed shot into the upper 90 from the edge of the D

  • We need more of these... haven’t seen one for at least a year or so... especially in 2020 #quarintine

  • 8:54 the man the myth ThE LeGeND

  • Congrats on 5 mil

  • Good

  • 0:15 That kid curved/knuckleballed that so good

  • moggill FC

  • at 6:44 minutes in the video when that guy does the meg and finishes bottom corner, mate thats my field i play on and its alot better now they turfed it out and its mint

  • I had a match like a few weeks ago and the ref was like 75

  • 2:08 it was hungarian

  • BTW Chris the volley actually was from 40 yards out, the goal was positioned at the back of the end zone (which is 10 yards deep)

  • Hmmm 2nd best clip is American


  • No joke but when the kids studded the kid in the chess that happens to me

  • 7:10 if your looking for the save

  • thaat is not a polish croud they are not speaking polish


  • 7:30 sad thing is, I made a save identical to that and noone caught it on camera😢

    • Yea and I did a van Persie World Cup header but no one recorded it either

  • The best save in 50 years has gotta be 6:00

  • 2:11 is not polish its Hungarian

  • no

  • Scot sterling

  • When will Chris finally realize that American football and American soccer have different fields

  • @ruby.boyle

  • Hahahah 1:15

  • Oof 1:14

  • 2:09 is not polish! Its Hungarian!

  • The indirect free kick happened to me , I did The Ronaldo Man U v Portsmouth 2008 free kick in an under 9 football match a couple of years ago

  • Nice vid but its not polish but a hungarian crowd

  • I am actually that keeper from the under12's match. It was amazing to see that somebody actually put that in here.

  • Good vid

  • Best ever goal keeper is Scott sterling

  • That save wasn't that good and I know I sound salty but it's true

  • Song at 6:35?

  • I have a good moment but not on camera, the player on the opposite team tries to header it back to his keeper with none of my team near them, and he just headers it into the bottom corner with like all the time in the world


  • 2:10 that's hungarian not polish mate

  • Lmao the American free kick was sh** and some Karen was like what al goal like shush 😂😂

  • I pray who ever reads this becomes successful ...

  • I laughed at the joke Chris made about the jontant paint trouphy way to hard realising that’s the last trouphy my club one fs being a pompey fan is hard 😂

  • I got a mitre to the none today

  • Women say nothings more painful than childbirth Lads- mitre to the thigh

  • that was no polish bdw

  • Anyone recently got recommended this and forgot this was a chrismd video