Scoring 1 INCREDIBLE Goal on Every Fifa from 98-21

Birt 20 jan 2021
Full goals compilation:
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0:15 | Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider - Guitar Cover by Claudio Pietronik
8:12 | Jim Yosef Anna Yvette - Linked [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:
9:22, 14:49 | Arc North - Slash
10:25 | Alex Dovo - The Wait
12:35 | Hopex - Eternity
13:26 | Au5 - Interstellar (feat Dankya Nadeua)
13:51 | (Audiomachine) Kevin Rix - Shadowfall
Music by Epidemic Sound ( & others.


  • 5:25 zlatan Es que

  • I can't hit shots like those

  • Chris when he misses be like Chris: uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh

  • "oh boy suu" got me laughing

  • 13:34 that synced perfectly with the music

  • 8:21 pov your harry's mom

  • I’ve watched this video 17 times

  • i scored right near my goal i am better

  • your cheating you put bieginer

  • Good job Chrismd

  • Yh

  • Sliders

  • Do pes 2021

  • 2:41 this literally happend the next week i played futbol

  • 3:09 song?

  • At 0:24 he bl yeeeezy

  • 3:41 imagine if Ramos was Instead of varane

  • ‘Give it to Sami, give it to Sami, go on bust it out for the boys at home!’ Harry is an icon

  • How

  • Roberto Carlos looks about 6

  • Wat bout fifa street

  • stop messing whith barnsley noob

  • The number is the wrong way in the title cough cough :)

  • First five seconds and I'm already laughing

  • It’s absolute nostalgia when the classic hype song comes on 😁

  • You are sick at fifa

  • Notice how ronaldo scored all the goals

  • anyone know what hoodie harry is wearing??

  • What is the music for Henry scores

  • Shot error=0

  • song at 7:44?

  • Mate I fucking clicked off because of harry's fucking playing

  • I’m just trying out a couple more hours to do the job tomorrow

  • Chris MD is my favourite youtuber!! ❤️👍🏻⚽

  • waiting for chris to upload the toty opening a week and a half after the teaser with pele, the upload schedule cant go up from here with this rate chris

  • Who’s waiting for the vid where he packed prime pele

  • New video this year ? do another 10 v 1000 or something please

  • When shanon just halved chrises goalkeeper he loked like he just pooed himself

  • Chris please for the love of god stop explaining what you're gonna do in the video when most of us can just read the title! Shambolic crap

  • Where’s the TOTY pack opening?

  • 14:00 amazing save

  • Chris had to quit after goal

  • He pick Chivas in 07 😂😂😂

  • 15:49

  • 15:45 frown

  • I'm waiting the toty pack openings 🌚🌚🌚🌚

  • Where is the toty pack opening

  • Who was PSG?

  • Please I’m boreddddd

  • Where’s the toty pack openinggggg

  • Yo chris we gonna talk about that youtube commmented on this


  • How can you play that old fifas

  • Sam

  • you are the best

  • are you playing on pc or console

  • Marshmello family here check out our scary videos join the mellofamily

  • 0.49 god

  • I argue that a backwards header is better than a header from outside the box

  • where is his pack opening come on.

  • Nice fake videos again !

    • Uh what? How is this fake?

  • Upload yer pack opening

  • Who Is psg and pie


  • I haven’t watched him in about 4 years...decided to search him up again. Man hasn’t aged a bit🙂 thank you for forming my childhood Chris🥺 you inspired me to get on a soccer team when I was like 8 or something

    • U need to catch up so watch all the videos u have not watched u are a legend

  • I watch this for the old-school music, undefeated

  • just me who lives in barnsley

  • POV you came to Chrismd just to see if chrismd finally uploaded the Toty pack opening

  • This guy packs pele tells us about it a week ago and still hasent uploaded the vid 😂😂😂 Chris why

  • Where is ur toty pack opening bro

  • Are you going to do toty pack opening this year

  • chris has no more video ideas lol

  • Remember when Hulk was good?

  • Go follow Twitch: Notapro11 Fifa 2021 streams

  • I remember when this guy only had about 10k subs

  • 14:16 Bergkamp from Deep Web

  • Pele vid plz

  • 0:49 goal this year!!😧

  • Where was FIFA 18

  • youtube watched this :O?!

  • my guy where tf is team of the year pack opening video

  • Ur videos are proper class mate .

  • Stop moving the keeper

  • Haha he played against chivas

  • He is unbelievable how can he do thees type of skills

  • Chris using shit keepers even in fifa 😂you love to see it

  • react to this edit: and this

  • 15:38 - 16:02 is the funniest man

  • Is that Chris’s sister or gf I have no idea tbh I’m sorryyyyyy

  • Have you done a toty pack opening this year?

  • wheres fifa 21 lightning round vids

  • Where are the toty pack openings

  • Bro where is this toty pack opening??

  • Please make a fifa 21 series 🙏🙏🙏

  • Chris not succeeding in getting his video over twenty minutes

  • 4:01 CHRIS FEMINISTS ARE BEHIND U. Hope ur fine.Otherwise, RIP CHRIS There used to be a great youtuber who very inconsistent in uploading videos.

  • Who remembers THE DREADED BRACES!!!!

  • 6:56 Chris why are you losing 2-0?

  • 11:23 the compuuuuerrrrrrr as just scored and absolute scweemer

  • try this gray hooper goal