Scoring 1 UNBELIEVABLE Goal on Every Fifa from 10-20

Birt 14 jún 2020
Rolled back the years to when I was half decent at this game and scored some worldies on old FIFAs.
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  • I hated my work experience

  • That ankle breaker nasty

  • You know on Fifa 15 when Ronaldo scored if the foul was given before that it wouldn't have been a goal so give credit to the referee

  • Chris and Ollie is better than Chris and Shannon

  • The only thing I learnt from watching this video is that Chris ain't a simp

  • 23:20 pause in the audience

  • How do you doing sis skills

  • Hi

  • The goals are so great in fifa

  • chirs iam your big fan my name is syed i play fifa 19 20 21

  • Dud do a one in real life

  • Man i deed this everyday man it’s sooo easy I can do it everyday in fifa new 21 It is good man try it good bye man have a good day

  • Go follow Twitch: Notapro11 Fifa 2021 streams

  • Zlatan has zidanes moves of world cup

  • F

  • 00:42 Heskey is now In form!!!

  • Bro thanks for you chose bulgaria i from there thanks you

  • Everytime Chris said rude i would say rude like rude gullit

  • Chris play old montage music 👌

  • 10:38 we aren't going to take into account the 5-0 lead?

  • Fifa 10-20 bri um i i i men joke hahahaha!!!!!!!! fune rit

  • i'm going to upload all the decent goals to my second channel cuz im sad 1. i Thought the video was called scoring 1 UNBELIEVABLE GOAL not 1 decent goal 2. hes sad cuz he got dog#$#% packs for tots

  • You Are my new best ISchatsr

  • She his sad loser lol? :)

  • Good goals!! ;)

  • i feel like the previous fifas where better then 21

  • Ollie's goals were amazing😯😯

  • What ever country you come from That's what nationality you play for😂😂

  • Chris the ultimate team isn’t out yet Me look under kick off!!

  • Actually you would need to be French to play for France for example I would be eligible to play for Australia or Scotland it i weren’t shit at football

  • Dude he is subbed to morgz

  • (*)

  • Hand up to speek

  • They have so much dedication to achieve this while 1 time i miss I’m like “I’m done with this game”

  • FIFA8

  • Did anyone else see heskey in fifa 10

  • Ok i will check other vidio

  • My friend still plays on fifa 15...😂😂

  • I’ve done better bicycle kicks before, Chris

  • 8:09 Harry’s English in videos

  • Hello. I from in Russia

  • 8:09 if you could do if you could if you could do if you could do anything?

  • ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🏅🏅🤑😛😜🤪💟💙💪💯

  • how do you flick the ball up

  • omg

  • Chris, can you do a tutorial of the skills you do

  • Fifa21

  • Ok, sorry for bein a dingus but is that ur gf?

  • Im literally getting w2s stammering vibes from shannon

  • Look out side his window in the bushes 21:58

  • ضي

  • Chris your girlfriend is actually really pretty

  • Pls make another one, this inspired me to learn new skill moves like the rainbow flick shot 😁

  • Chris looks into the camera because he knows his girl is stairing him down

  • Me still with FIFA 7😐

  • Hernanes long shots on fifa14 was something else

  • How are you so good

  • I

  • Fifa 15 was the best.

  • I still remember the old fifa’s

  • I like your vids

  • He had his AirPods back to front the donkey

  • fifa 21 is the best one

  • who r you dating

  • Your goals was good and good job

  • Knuckle-ball+Frank Lampard+Scores=Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • najs pllaj najs

  • Can you play among us with me

  • 13:04 We all know the pain of being on the other side of Ronaldo in FIFA

  • Back when Camp Nou was a thing in Fifa

  • The defeated argument structurally decorate because powder promisingly observe amongst a overjoyed cub. minor, physical quality

  • Me:scores overhead kick from the middle of the pitch NOT GOOD ENOUGH

  • Chris:scores a bycicle kick ands gets hype

  • Quote of the year Shanon: “ you don’t have to be French to play for France”

    • Technically… She’s not wrong

  • Chris: scores a screamer Ollie: suuuuuu

  • Why don't you try fifa mobile

  • Song name when they played fifa 11

  • “Hit that, cmon... OOOOHHHHHHH” is the best line I’ve ever heard.

  • hey chris is your gf single?

  • Iv got fifa 09

  • When Chris did the bicycle kick like wait how do you do that

  • Shanon mises the goal by a mile Shanon: intense gibberish Me : que laughter

  • When I was watching this I was playing fifa 20

  • Loook at 13:04

  • Look at 3:03 suiii

  • Love it

  • my dad supports bristol

  • fhgfghnb

  • I scored the best goal in fifa 21

  • Nice

  • 🥵🥵🥵

  • Hi Chris I’m Oliver these goals are very cool

  • Nice vid

  • Popcorn is in a dog bowl

  • Fifa 15 was when the kids who have never seen sun and played more than they drank rolled in


  • love the video and goals

  • did anyone realise that he skipped fifa16?

  • Why are you saying (GO IN COME ON ARHHH) 100000000 TIMES

  • Your friends with Ed sheeran😮