I Learned 24 New Skills in 24 Hours

Birt 12 mar 2020
I spent 24 hours of my life learning 24 fairly pointless skills
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How I record my gameplay!: www.elgato.com/gaming/?GameCaptureHD
0:00, 2:52, 4:59, 12:55 | Strlght - Clutch
1:20, 15:46, 21:48, 24:34, 27:15 | Run Me Down
1:36, 20:59 | Tom Salta - Swingin’ Around
3:17, 8:21 | Hallmore - The Sky
6:29, 19:39, 23:05, 28:46 | Suedo - Not letting Go
6:51 | Allen Nova - Alter
12:34 | Beethoven - Fur Elise
18:30 |Tape Machines - Sweat on me (Trice Remix) (Instrumental Version)
25:39 | LED Monster - Good To You (Instrumental Version)
30:47 | Steerner & Tjernberg Ft. Beerg & Haal - Names (Original Mix)

Music by Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com) & others.


  • This video is proof that inexperience isn’t always a bad thing. Take Ollie for example, he does goalkeeping for years and does whistling with fingers for five minutes and is already better at that 😂 Jk loved the vid

  • 10:12

  • Did you see how many reds were in the knuckle ball one😂😂😂

  • ”Who the frick shat in the urinal?!” Me: 21:15 (pause on timestamp)

  • Is survival a skill?

  • Why does no. 17 say becoming retards 20:42

  • Hi chis

  • Chris

  • Are hi

  • Yesss lads ,!!! Go on watforddss

  • They put domino's pizza's in the back round🍕 ollie running to gdap the box 📦 out of the way

  • Cat say hi your chanel you

  • Ollie’s humor is so funny

  • harrys mum lol

  • Me : where’s my pizza? The dominos workers: 17:34

  • When they were doing the pizzas there is a Dominoes box on the top

  • Umm did he really decide to do a handstand after an overhead squat.

  • can we appreciate how smooth the transition is at 7:48

  • tip for piano: dont keep your fingers up, you kind of fixed it later in the video, but just a suggestion

  • theres no way he stayed up for 24 hours straight and didnt get tired at all.

  • im scottish great accents lads

  • I love how he reacts like that to solve a rubicks cube but then here is me reacting like it’s nothing coz I learnt it when I was 6 and I’m 11 lol

    • Wow so interesting

  • He even memorized the piano song what a G

  • Ollie is class

  • Is there anything u can’t do?

  • Americans: Airplane ... British: Air-O-Plane

  • Nice video

  • I know every skill you did in the video

  • By the way in the video you showed Daniel Cutting I am subscribed to him but also to you

  • Cool!

  • "Ive never really played the piano except for bar bar black sheep and twinkle twinkle littel star which are the same song"

  • all these youtubers have pictures of their girlfriends on their phone

  • My

  • i love how 17:53 turns into 18:10 yep that how that works

  • It litterly went 25 to 3 on my phone as he said it

  • I was surprised with the piano! Chris is an upcoming musical maker!!

  • 29:04 ile of man flag anyone?

  • The Asian kid:

  • Love the red cards in the free kick on fifa

  • His serious face when he was doing the piano 😂 first time he has properly been concentrating

  • 10:06

  • U can get a rubix cube app called CubeX it's only on Samsung though

  • 2021 anybody

  • it 2021 and i am watching a chrismd video

  • Chris starts to learn goalkeeping at that age. Me starts to learn at 5

  • I can shuffle a deck of Cards

  • I have solved a Rubix cube two times


  • Your the best

  • me a speed cuber with like 10 gans cubes at home, that is not a perfect cube 2:21

  • see when he was doing the handstand just think if he had a flat the people below what the hell

  • Chris thought we dont a know für Elise lmao?

  • When Chris did the kick up it was like he was doing something wrong 😐😬

  • Sorry but you are not that good at fortnight but your football and FIFA skills are incredible!!!


  • I’ve found that playing Beethoven (though it might be different for the piano) is best done fast. Waaay to late to help, but hopefully someone finds use of this

  • I can solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube in 24 secedes.

  • Chris is a decent gk

  • Sorry mate if u don’t want me to unlike the video then don’t photo shop Liverpool without the trophy do it to man city

  • 21:00 no, I think I will put it on the internet

  • So this is the title the sidemen copied

  • 23:57, it took 7 red cards to do this. XD 🤣😂

  • ChrisMD: explaining stuff in the beginning The music: UHH..UHH..UHH..UHH

  • all the people who disliked this are Karens

  • Mate they wouldn’t copy right you even if it was the song cause it doesn’t sound like it

  • It’s a skill to learn 1 skill so then that’s 2 skills but it’s a skill to learn 2 skills so now 3 skills etc.

  • 17:23😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Chris he is not best at football but he’s the best at breaking car windows

  • Love how Sidemen copied Chris lol

  • Oh god, I am very good with the rubixs cube and you made want to puke how wrong you were doing it

  • 13:43 and 15:50: aww ollie is a man with great taste in music

  • Fur Elise is the song that you are playing

  • My name jeff

  • I know how to do the more advanced rainbow and I’m 7

  • Try and do all of the same skills a year later

  • I can do a front flip back drop backflip 1 80 flip and a back drop 3 60

  • the für Ëlise

  • Can somebody tell me which jacket Chris is wearing while doing the goalkeeper challenge cause it looks low-key kinda Peng u know😂. But seriously pls do!!!

  • Ayyy he used j perms tutorial

  • what is that piano song

  • chris how wish u could give me a real pitch on my birthday and a big post like yours

  • 0:19

  • To be fair, Chris is actually pretty good at goal keeping

  • 19:31 I'm Scottish

  • I wish I could see Chris’s search history after this 😂

  • Im a Liverpool fan

  • The rainbow flick

  • A ten year old can do it


  • The song that chris played is fur elise

  • I am nine and I can juggle

  • I am Scottish and I am offended

  • he should have watched mike boyd videos he is great and would have helped

  • Olly: Chris u wanna hear a joke? Chris: ye sure Olly: the ball Chris: I don’t get it Olly: exactly u never do

  • 1:23 - Close your eyes

  • Now you can add more on your insta profile

  • Better than modern goalkeeping

  • Cris you make my day thk

  • hi

  • I bet chris didnt have any sleep