£50 vs. £1,000 House Party (Lockdown Edition)

Birt 4 sep 2020
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  • Is it not lockdown there?

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  • This is the best video ever LMAoo


  • fucking hell

  • How tf was this 5 months ago I feel like this was only uploaded yesterday

  • I feel tight that Cal is not involved

  • 0:19 what did he sayyyyyy?

  • Song at 17:17

  • These videos are elite 🤣

  • "Can I drink Pimms straight?" oh Chris, bless.

  • If you checked out my recent it would mean a lot to me fr, just a small creator with big dreams❤️🌎

  • 21:47 hahaha the statue guy was class

  • outro song

  • if harry wasnt in the sidemen and will wasnt in eboys this would be the best fucking yt group on the isles

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  • What’s the song for Ryan’s entrance

  • Stephen legit just sent the cavalry

  • 12:51 harry looks so thrilled 0 0 o

  • 17:35 is the best part, the song is a banger

    • @Jamie Inglis curve ball by Xavy Rusan

    • What song is it?

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  • Who else has watched more than once

  • This is my second favourite video ever

  • How did that human statue keep a straight face!? I would die laughing.

  • I am 10 i am a sies 10

  • Me and chrismd have the same sized feet lol and i am 13

  • I’m 11 and am size 7, what’s happened Chris 😂😂

  • Chris md's and Stephens laughs are identical 😂

  • Poor Stephen looks missreable

  • This gave me so much serotonin

  • Chris I’m sorry to say but I’m 11 and I have size 9 feet

  • stephen said two collective sentences throughout this video

  • This and the last vid got Chrismd 7 subs

  • That living statue is now my sleep paralysis demon

  • im 12 and i have bigger feet

  • I’m 13 and I’m a 7 and half 🤣🤣🤣

  • Your not the only one Harry😂😂

  • Lol I'ma 8 and I'm like 13

  • They should make a group like the eboys or sidemen.

  • I am 10 and I have the same size shoes as chrismd

  • I genuinely think these videos are better than anything the sidemen have made. I love the sidemen but these 4 are the best in the game

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  • Music ruined the vid

  • Does anyone know what song is at 19:53? When Ryan comes in? Thanks

  • Tht living statue idea was absolute genius

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  • Did anyone else see the statue watching Harry's screen

  • This is s9 funny

  • 10:38. Listen to Will while Chris is talking


  • who else saw that weird thing go past chris around 7 minutes in

  • anyone else notice Harrys 20 is rolled up???

  • Omg I have not laughed harder at anything than just the very idea of a living statue behind Harry for an hour 😂😂

  • ‘Stephen which one even is that’ 😂😂😂😂🙌🏼

  • This may be my favourite series I’ve ever watched

  • Why am I a 17 year old female with feet two sizes bigger than Chris’ Sad as fuck

    • I’m a female who is deffo half his age and my feet are the same size as his and I’m 5’4 😂

  • Who thinks tat will ne looks like Patrick Schik the footballer

  • 15:50 welcome back to the kick off

  • Chis is a six I'm a 8 and I'm 11

  • How have I got bigger feet than Chris? I’m 7 and a half and he’s 6? 🤣

  • Please say someone knows where Harry got his fleece from

  • I have size 7 or 8 feet Chris’ feet are small

  • The only thing I could think about during the vid is Will saying ChrisMD and his bunch of merry mongs a couple years back

  • We all know Max is the best part of this video still!

  • question is, where did magic Ian disappear to?

  • I’m 10 and I’m size 6😂😂

  • poor harry im a big fan

  • Jesus chris I'm 15 and I'm an 8 n half

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  • I would have got Chris a totenham hotspur shirt 😂😂😂😂

  • "Put him on the far right" - underappreciated joke. top level

  • Chris: a full grown wearing man size 6 shoes Me: a 10 year old wearing size8.5

  • No he didn’t do it

  • Please do the Harry’s full hour 😂😂

  • The sidemen are good to Harry because I am surprised they haven’t done this or something similar to him x

  • What’s the song

  • is w2s wearing one of jackuscksatlife hoddies

  • 10:36 Harry do be packin tho

  • This was on my birthday

  • I’m ten I have bigger feet lol

  • Freezy’s laugh at 15:00

  • feel sorry for Steven

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  • more proof Britain is better than America

  • Bc I would’ve had bigger feet than him at age 9

  • Isn’t a size 6 in uk a 5 in America

  • I am 11 years old and I have size 7😅😅😅

  • So I’m 10 and have same size shoes as Chris?

  • I was crying when magic Max came in

  • P.C hairy legs and Magic Ian was honestly the funniest thing😂

  • Why does Steven hold his nose when he drinks

  • My shoe is a size 6 and I m 9

  • I am a size six

  • As a guy with social anxiety, I really felt it for Harry. I couldn't have beared that guy for much longer than 15 minutes lol

  • I’m 10 and shoe size 11

  • The only way I could pick you guys every time 🤤